Last Updated : June 01, 2012
Development- Preview Image
Shared Resources (Scripts etc)
CommonGuardian - Primary Register- Preview Image
CommonGuardian - Primary Register
This is the primary package required for every single mod I produced. It registers the other scripts for Doctor Who, RealWorld, ComicShop etc. Also common functions like book reading etc are included here as they are shared between the different themes.

New Base Class
Alien Genetics (Base Class)- Preview Image
Alien Genetics (Base Class)
An Alien has Genetics? What you thought they wouldn't? The Aliens of Doctor Who come in many different forms, Timelord, Auton, Mondassian...Dalek. And all that information needs to be kept somewhere.
Timelord (Custom Skill Class)- Preview Image
Timelord (Custom Skill Class)
As a timelord you must obey the laws of time, be content to simply observe....unless you are a renegade.
Alien Metals (Base Class)- Preview Image
Alien Metals (Base Class)
The World of the Sims contains many types of rocks and metals, from iron to silver and even gold. But not all metal comes from this world. And some may even be dangerous.

Base Class for all Alien Metals

New Game Objects
Timelord Emergency Time Ring- Preview Image
Timelord Emergency Time Ring
Once used by the Doctor to return from Skaro. Time Rings are unique in that they can travel to any preprogrammed special / temporal coordinates. Useful for returning home.
Rivers Sonic Screwdriver- Preview Image
Rivers Sonic Screwdriver
The Doctor gave her a sonic screwdriver...he intended to save her.
Shada- Preview Image
Shada Prison for dangerous Alien Criminals and Timelords.
River Songs Joural of Impossible Things- Preview Image
River Songs Joural of Impossible Things
It has always been a speculation as what her diary might contain, is this the real diary, The Doctor's Journal of Impossible things from his time as a human?
Mona Lisa Painting- Preview Image
Mona Lisa Painting
This is the genuine Mona Lisa, though someone has written 'This is a Fake' on the back.
My Mysterious Doctor- Preview Image
My Mysterious Doctor
Painted by the nobleman's daughter Marissa.
To Victory!- Preview Image
To Victory!
The Ironsides will lead the allies to victory, strange they seem to like alot like Daleks...
Dalek- Preview Image
K9- Preview Image
Blueprint Drafting Table- Preview Image
Blueprint Drafting Table
All good plans start with an idea, but to build complicated things requires blueprints.
Cyber Conversion Chair- Preview Image
Cyber Conversion Chair
Found within Torchwood this Cyberconversion Chair was used to convert SIMS into Cybermen. It still has many functions, some long thought destroyed...
Zero Room Cabinet- Preview Image
Zero Room Cabinet
Physical laws of the Universe do not hold as strongly.
Ghost Gear- Preview Image
Ghost Gear
Originally created by the Timelord known as 'The Doctor', before being found by Torchwood and reverse engineered.
Headless Monk Head Remains Box- Preview Image
Headless Monk Head Remains Box
I want my box left open!
Petes World Preacher Gun- Preview Image
Petes World Preacher Gun
Do you like my Gun?
Classic Console Room Coat Rack- Preview Image
Classic Console Room Coat Rack
This fine piece of craftsmanship has been a part of the Tardis since the earliest days.
Petes World, Torchwood Dimension Cannon- Preview Image
Petes World, Torchwood Dimension Cannon
Originally created by Torchwood in the alternate timeline, refered to as 'Pete's World'. They had the ability to not only cross from one parallel to another but also act as a simple teleportation device.
The Doctors Umbrella- Preview Image
The Doctors Umbrella
It's bright, colorful, and good for keeping rain off your head.
I.M.Foreman Scrap Yard Gate & Fence- Preview Image
I.M.Foreman Scrap Yard Gate & Fence
The front fence and gate entrance to I.M. Foreman Scrap Yard.
76 Totters Lane Clutter - Garbage Cans Bike Rack- Preview Image
76 Totters Lane Clutter - Garbage Cans Bike Rack
A bike rack found outside of 76 Totter's Lane.
76 Totters Lane Clutter - Street Lamp- Preview Image
76 Totters Lane Clutter - Street Lamp
A streetlamp found outside of 76 Totter's Lane
I.M. Foreman Scrap Yard Junk Pile- Preview Image
I.M. Foreman Scrap Yard Junk Pile
A scrap pile found at I.M.Foreman scrap yard. Some Sims have reported finding some odd metals...
T.G.I. Alien Metal Ore Smelter- Preview Image
T.G.I. Alien Metal Ore Smelter
Warning! The T.G.I. corporation does not accept responsibilty for any injuries or damages done.
T.G.I. Force Field- Preview Image
T.G.I. Force Field
T.G.I. Knows you take security very serious, and we do too. All of our latest models come with optional deadlock sealing.
Alien Metal : Sims World Metal (Replacement)- Preview Image
Alien Metal : Sims World Metal (Replacement)
The World of the Sims contains many types of rocks and metals.
Alien Metal : Enamour- Preview Image
Alien Metal : Enamour
Resembling gold it is said to be an emotional amplifier that makes people desire it more than anything. (RARE)
Alien Metal : Zybanium- Preview Image
Alien Metal : Zybanium
Zybanium is a heavy metal primarily used in components needing to be shielded from temporal energy. (RARE)
Alien Metal : Validium- Preview Image
Alien Metal : Validium
Created for the defence for Gallifrey by Rassilon and Omega, It contained the potential for great devasation.
The Doctors 500 Year Diary- Preview Image
The Doctors 500 Year Diary
The Doctor always kept a diary of his travels. The only problem with reading a timetravelers diary is that sometimes you read something that had happened, then find out it never happened only to find out it did...
TimeCapsule Power Circuit- Preview Image
TimeCapsule Power Circuit
ll TimeCapsule require power, whether that be from a link to an Eye of Harmony or from absorbing power using the emergency buffers.
Gallifreyian Temporal Beacon- Preview Image
Gallifreyian Temporal Beacon
A Beacon Similar to this was found is Rassilon's Tomb.
The 1st Doctors T.A.R.D.I.S. (Type 40)- Preview Image
The 1st Doctors T.A.R.D.I.S. (Type 40)
The T.A.R.D.I.S. external shell during the 1st Doctor's Era.

Other Stuff
76 Totters Lane- Preview Image
76 Totters Lane
The Universe is a vast a wondrous place, and many Sims have spent there whole life looking to the stars. Wandering what secrets might be out there. Who would imagine that in a relatively ordinary small junk yard, your Sim might find the path to discovering those secrets.
Skill: Alien Technology- Preview Image
Skill: Alien Technology
Inventing is a skill your Sim develops as they learn to build the simplist gadgets upto even crude time machines. But there are levels of technology that are considered out of this world.

New Skill Class