Are you the guy who made the T.A.R.D.I.S. and all the Doctor Who Mods for SIMS 3?
>Yes...if you look around you will see most of the mods I have designed but not all.

Can I have them?

Really? Please? Why Not?
>...Short Version, Unsupported, Too long and too much time to fix them. Lack of interest, EA hatred

I can fix them, can I have the source code, and source files to try?
>No. If they get fixed, it will by me or someone I trust, and I trust no one as much as myself.

Nothing I can do to change your mind..$$ $$...eh $$?
>I designed over 100 Doctor Who Mods that all connected together, it became a lot of work. I have considered releasing everything, to public domain, and let people do what they want. I have also considered fixing them, for my own usage, and depending on the situation releasing them in a final package. I never did this for money, ad support and donations I accepted only to pay for out of pocket costs like buying the expansions and paying my hosting, and occasionally buying copies of game for people who helped test etc. $$ wont encourage me, unless it was a damn lot. lol

I could help?
>There are people out there a lot more talented than me, I never considered myself a 3D artist, and certainly not a texture person. I did this for fun and a way to teach myself new stuff. But these are my babies and I don't think I want anyone else touching my stuff lol. I have had limited help in designing a couple things, and it was awesome, but if this project ever gets resurrected...it will be me.

Are you ever going to mod SIMS 4?
>No long term plans to. I have experimented for a few days, nothing major. If I do, everyone will know. But I would have to purchase a lot of content, and I'm not sure I would commit to the cost, unless I was really sure I wanted to get back into things.

Why update this blog after such a long time?
>Good Question...I wouldn't call it an update, more of a blog purge, cleanup. I had started this blog first and redirected to the new site and then when I shut the website down I forgot this existed. When I realized it was still here and the way it had fallen apart depressed me and I had 2 choice, close it and forget about it, or fix it. I decided to fix it. I am not actually sure why.

Any future plans?
>Possibilities. considering possibilities.