December 3, 2017

Small Little Status Update

I got a strange email from someone recently that knew I had purchased Sims 4, must have been something to do with Origin, not sure. They assumed based upon prior statements that I might be getting back to modding.

I'm not. Python and I are not exactly good pals. I have wanted to punch the screen more times than I can count because of an extra space, or bad indent, or other hidden thing that neither Visual Studio or Idle point out till after the fact. I am however experimenting with some small things, mostly to increase my knowledge of python. Modding is a great way to learn new things. I try and keep track of stuff I do, so you may see some stuff pop up on the site over the Holidays, but it doesn't mean I have changed my stance.

If and when I have information to share it will be posted here. For now there is nothing really to talk about.


September 17, 2017

WHEW! Almost Finished!

The Blog that I had long forgotten about is now about 90% restored to some semblance of information. Most of the postings need an overhaul to actually include what each of the mods actually did, some have been updated...most have not. I have posted some menu links to kind of sort the posts a bit in the order they were released. I don't plan to spend much more time on this, after all its been ages, and SIMS 3 is kinda left behind now. But I still have some odd and ends to cleanup over the next couple weeks.

September 8, 2017

This Blog Is Still Here?

Wow it has been ages since I put EA / The Sims behind me, I had thought I closed this blog entirely when I opened the replacement site, only to find it was here all this time lol. Well it is empty now. I cleared out all the old dead images/links/posts/comments/ pretty much the baby and the bathwater.

About 8-9 days ago I decided to play with SIMS 4...gasp**! I know right. Those who read this and followed me at all know the melt down I had after Sim City and more and more broken Expansions came out for SIMS 3, then all the announced cuts from SIMS 4...toddlers, color wheel, no idea why they thought this was a good idea.I called it quits...we wont even mention Bioware/StarWars. EA and I have not been snuggle buddies in a long as time.