Skill: Alien Technology
Last Updated : July 01, 2012
Skill: Alien Technology
Skill: Alien Technology- Preview ImageInventing is a skill your Sim develops as they learn to build the simplist gadgets upto even crude time machines. But there are levels of technology that are considered out of this world.

New Skill Class
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Background Details
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Game Mod Features

Version - 3.60.Development
Updated 7/1/2012
  • Custom Skill
    • Sims Develop Skill as Creating/Upgrading Alien Tech
    • Requires Level 10 Invention Skill to Unlock
    • Some Inventions May Require Alien Metals and/or Other Materials
    • Some Invention Require BluePrints
    • Some Inventions Require Studying / Reverse Enginneering

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Version - 3.60.Development
Updated 7/1/2012
  • Replaces Need For TimeLord Skill Class To Build / Use Certain Tech
  • See Feature Section For Details

Known Bugs Section

7/1/2012 - Reworking Script - Merger To New System For New Beginings Release
12/31/2012 - Retired Mod

Latest Download Version

This mod has been retired, and no longer supported. Until such time as this changes, this mod is unavailable for download.

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