Alien Metals (Base Class)
Last Updated : July 01, 2012
Alien Metals (Base Class)
Alien Metals (Base Class)- Preview ImageThe World of the Sims contains many types of rocks and metals, from iron to silver and even gold. But not all metal comes from this world. And some may even be dangerous.

Base Class for all Alien Metals
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Alien Metal : Sims World Metal (Replacement)- Preview Image
Alien Metal : Sims World Metal (Replacement)
The World of the Sims contains many types of rocks and metals.
Alien Metal : Enamour- Preview Image
Alien Metal : Enamour
Resembling gold it is said to be an emotional amplifier that makes people desire it more than anything. (RARE)
Alien Metal : Validium- Preview Image
Alien Metal : Validium
Created for the defence for Gallifrey by Rassilon and Omega, It contained the potential for great devasation.
Alien Metal : Zybanium- Preview Image
Alien Metal : Zybanium
Zybanium is a heavy metal primarily used in components needing to be shielded from temporal energy. (RARE)

Background Details

This the internal base class that all 'Alien Metals' Use

Game Mod Features

Version - 3.60.Development
Updated 7/1/2012
  • Appearance: Supports 3 Forms
    • Rock
    • Smelted bar
    • Crafting Material (**Requires Skills**)
  • Supports 3 Qualities
    • Poor (60% Chance of Smelting Failure, 30% Chance Crafting Failure)
    • Fair (30% Chance of Smelting Failure, 10% Chance Crafting Failure)
    • Pure (5% Chance of Smelting Failure, 5% Chance Crafting Failure)
  • Supports 5 Rarities
    • Common (%-% Spawn Chance)
    • Uncommon (%-% Spawn Chance)
    • Rare (%-% Spawn Chance)
    • Exremely Rare (%-% Spawn Chance)
    • Unique (%-% Spawn Chance)
  • Supports 4 Active States
    • Inactive
    • Active
    • Stable
    • Sentient
  • Optained
    • Random Scrap from I.M.Foreman Junk Yard Scrap Pile
    • Deep Underground Using a Sanctuary Base Pit Elevator
    • Gain 200 Collection Skill Points, When collect Metal
  • Retail Value
    • Values of Sale, Dependent on Quality of Metal, Rarity and State
  • UI
    • All Menu / Dialogs Localized (Only English Translations Done)

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Version - 3.60.Development
Updated 7/1/2012
  • Basic Model Template Completed
  • See Feature Section For Details

Known Bugs Section

7/1/2012 - Reworking Script - Merger To New System For New Beginings Release
12/31/2012 - Retired Mod

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