Echo of Life
Last Updated : June 01, 2012
Echo of Life- Preview Image
New Game Objects
Sisters of Plenitude - Disease Chamber- Preview Image
Sisters of Plenitude - Disease Chamber
The Sisters of Plenitude grow there own SIM flesh in order to create cures for diseases and produce new moods! ***Warning do not let the flesh free!
Sisters of Plenitude - Medicine and Mood Elixir Tanks- Preview Image
Sisters of Plenitude - Medicine and Mood Elixir Tanks
The Essence extracted from SIM Flesh can be used to create many cures such as Vampirism, Lycanthropy, Curses etc. It was also discovered you could create mood altering elixirs aswell.
The Doctors Psychic Paper- Preview Image
The Doctors Psychic Paper
What do you mean it's blank?
SIM Remains : Stolen Body Remains- Preview Image
SIM Remains : Stolen Body Remains
Soooooooo a new last...
Skin Tank- Preview Image
Skin Tank
A skin Tank allows the extracted brains of Sims to interact with the World...the most famous Sim to use such a device was Cassandra the Last Human.