Timelord Science
Last Updated : June 01, 2012
Timelord Science- Preview Image
New Base Class
Sonic Devices (Base Class)- Preview Image
Sonic Devices (Base Class)
Base Class for all timelord sonic screwdrivers, lazer screwdrivers and other.

New Game Objects
4th Doctors Sonic Screw Driver- Preview Image
4th Doctors Sonic Screw Driver
The Fourth Doctor loved the idea that the sonic screwdriver could open any door... except the ones that it couldn't!
9th, 10th Doctors Sonic Screw Driver- Preview Image
9th, 10th Doctors Sonic Screw Driver
The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver has taken many shapes over the years. It is a great tool for repairing things, scanning for alien tech, and unlocking doors - unless they are deadlock sealed.
The Masters Lazer Screwdriver- Preview Image
The Masters Lazer Screwdriver
Who needs sonic... especially if it also has Lazarus Tech...
The Masters Tissue Compression Eliminater- Preview Image
The Masters Tissue Compression Eliminater
The Master’s favorite little toy. Just remember that those dolls are not for playing...
The Masters TCE Remains- Preview Image
The Masters TCE Remains
A Sim once ...now reduced to a common Garden Gnome.
Crown of Rassilon- Preview Image
Crown of Rassilon
Given to the candidate upon his instatement to Lord President. Gives wearer unrestricted access to all the knowledge of the Timelords through the Matrix.
Coronet of Rassilon- Preview Image
Coronet of Rassilon
Once worn by President Borusa, amplified his will giving him domination over the wills of others.
The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey- Preview Image
The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey
The 'key' to Shada the Time Lord's prison planet, when the pages are turned within a TARDIS it would take the craft to Shada.
T.G.I. Invention Table- Preview Image
T.G.I. Invention Table
When simplicity matters, choose T.G.I. for all your invention needs.