Plastic Hearts
Last Updated : June 01, 2012
Plastic Hearts- Preview Image
New Game Objects
Auton Clothing- Preview Image
Auton Clothing
The Autons, life like plastic automatons animated by the Nestene Consciousness. There bodies conceal a deadly wrist gun, used to kill SIMS.
Anti-Plastic Explosives- Preview Image
Anti-Plastic Explosives
An Explosive device, especially designed to destory any plastic materials.
Nestene Consciousness Sphere- Preview Image
Nestene Consciousness Sphere
The Nestenes were a race able to manifest in many forms, and whose biology was similar to the molecular structure of Earth plastics. They invade by falling to Earth in Spheres.
Nestene Recycle Sim Bin- Preview Image
Nestene Recycle Sim Bin
The Nestene have the unique ability to control all forms of plastic. In some cases they make use of ordinary recycle bins to replicate a Sims appearance by absorbing them over time as long as they have the raw material available.
Plastic (Crafting Material)- Preview Image
Plastic (Crafting Material)
Plastic Material for use in various crafting projects.