Temporal Punishments
Last Updated : June 01, 2012
Temporal Punishments- Preview Image
New Game Objects
TimeLord De-mat Gun- Preview Image
TimeLord De-mat Gun
The most dangerous weapon in all of creation, not only does it kill, but removes the victim from having existed.
SIM Remains : Brain Canister- Preview Image
SIM Remains : Brain Canister
Canister can contain an extracted Sims Brain. Once used by Dr Solon to contain the brain of the former criminal Timelord President Morbius. More recently used by New Earth scientists, to hold the remains of the last sim, most notably Cassandra.
Rassilons Great Key- Preview Image
Rassilons Great Key
Said to be one of the most powerful relics, Rassilon ever created. Kept hidden away even from the president, for fear of what they might do with it. Said to power such things as the de-mat gun.
The Pandorica- Preview Image
The Pandorica
A prison for the most dangerous being in all creation.
Vincents Warning (Painting)- Preview Image
Vincents Warning (Painting)
Vincents warning nearly came at a terrible cost...
Crack in Time/Space- Preview Image
Crack in Time/Space
A split in the skin of world, two parts of space/time pressed together. A Timelord is immune to the effects, but any sim who dares get to close will be erased from all time.
Simhenge- Preview Image
It is said that beneth Simhenge lies a great secret...
TimeLord Dispersal Chamber- Preview Image
TimeLord Dispersal Chamber
The Celestial Intervention Agency used this barbaric machine, to remove troublesome or dangerous sims from time. Also used to force regenerate a TimeLord.
Cryostasis Pod- Preview Image
Cryostasis Pod
Your Sim wont Age, or feel the passege of time. Set Timer or leave Sim Frozen forever. Also Useful for storing dangerous criminals.
Torchwood Portable Prison Cell- Preview Image
Torchwood Portable Prison Cell
Originally developed by an unknown species, before being found and reverse enginered by Torchwood.