Last Updated : June 01, 2012
Timelords- Preview Image
New Base Class
Timelord Regeneration- Preview Image
Timelord Regeneration
A Timelord has 13 lives. Able to regenerate tissue after death and be reborn. Some Timelords can control their regeneration, even divert energies to prevent a full change. And some suffer greatly.

New Game Objects
Simbiotic Nuclei of a TimeLord- Preview Image
Simbiotic Nuclei of a TimeLord
Rassilon's Legacy, the Symbiotic Nuclei of a Timelord. Allows a Timelord to Regenerate, withstand the vortex, and link themselves to their T.A.R.D.I.S. through Rassilon's Imprimatur.
Black Scrolls of Rassilon- Preview Image
Black Scrolls of Rassilon
Rassilon had many secrets, many that were from the dark times. He protect them well, and punished anyone who attempted to steal his secrets.
Untempered Schism- Preview Image
Untempered Schism
Children of Gallifrey, taken at the age of 8 to enter the academy, would be taken before the untempered Schism for initiation. Some would be inspired, some would run away and some would go mad...
Timelord Fob Watch- Preview Image
Timelord Fob Watch
This device rewrites biology, changes a Timelord into a new sim. New memories, new personality, same face.
***Warning device contains perception filter!
Torchwood - Biosample Stasis Container- Preview Image
Torchwood - Biosample Stasis Container
Poor Jack wanted to find the Doctor so badly he developed a bio container technology that once held the Doctor's hand it proved useful when the doctor needed a bio-matching receptacle.
Sisterhood of Karn, Sacred Flame Elixir- Preview Image
Sisterhood of Karn, Sacred Flame Elixir
The Sisterhood, an ancient immortal order of women who once battled Morbius, worship an ancient flame that produces the elixir of life. Timelords often used to help with difficult regenerations.
Lazarus Machine- Preview Image
Lazarus Machine
Created by Professor Richard Lazarus, a scientist bent on unlocking the secrets of ageing. The professor died leaving behind his technology. It is rumored to alter more than just ageing.