Timelord Bio Data Archieve
Last Updated : June 01, 2012
Timelord Bio Data Archieve
Timelord Bio Data Archieve- Preview ImageThe Timelords always kept a repository of all Timelords DE. In all Incarnations. This once lost technology will receive an imprint upon a SIMS regeneration. *** Warning it is prohibited to remove biodata for the purpose of alteration….
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Change Log Section

Version - 3.50.Development
Updated 1/1/2020
  • Basic Mesh Completed
  • Basic Texture Completed
  • Added: Spawn 6 BioData Containers (Timelord Chapters)
  • Added: Take BioData Sample Using Machine Interface
  • Added: Store BioData Extracts (Inventory)
  • Added: Examine Sample
  • Added Support: Store Sample From Regneration (Normal Death)
  • Added Support: Store Sample From Regneration (Dispersal Chamber)
  • Added Animated Screen Support
  • Set Regen Option: Random Face, Use Blends (Enabled/Disabled)
  • Set Regen Option: Random Age Enable/Disable (Young Adult/Adult/Elder)
  • Set Regen Option: Random Age Ext Enable/Disable (Child/Teen)
  • Set Regen Option: Random Gender Enable/Disable (Male or Female)
  • Set Regen Option: Random Skin Color Enable/Disable (Keep or Random)
  • Set Regen Option: Random Skin Color Ext Enable/Disable (Blue/Red/Alien)
  • Added: Remove Simbiotic Nuclei
  • Added: Check Hidden Values in Simbiotic Nuclei

Known Bugs Section

6/1/2012 - Reworking Script - Merger To New System For New Beginings Release
12/31/2012 - Retired Mod

Latest Download Version

This mod has been retired, and no longer supported. Until such time as this changes, this mod is unavailable for download.