9th & 10th Doctors Larger on the Inside Doors
Last Updated : June 06, 2012
9th & 10th Doctors Larger on the Inside Doors
9th & 10th Doctors Larger on the Inside Doors- Preview ImageIt's bigger on the inside....
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Change Log Section

Version - 3.2.Release
Updated 9/4/2010
  • Self Contained Dome Mesh
  • Inside Doors Allow Movement From T.A.R.D.I.S. to Interior
  • Texture to Match 9th & 10th Tardis Exterior
  • Door Size to Match 9th & 10th Tardis Exterior
  • Allow Switch to 3 Varieties: WithDome/No Dome/No Dome & No Ramp
  • Spawnable From Tardis
  • Buyable With Ability to Manual Link

Version - 3.2.BugFix1
Updated 9/8/2020
  • Fixed Menu
  • New Link Interface

Version - 3.3.TestRelease
Updated 4/30/2011
  • Script References Fixed (LateNightScriptFix)
  • Merged 3 Doors Into 1 Object
  • Linked To New TimeCapsule Base
  • Multiple FootPrint Configurations

Version - 3.41.TestRelease
Updated 6/19/2011
  • Fix: Remove Sim Inside Interior When Exiting

Version - 3.44.Release
Updated 11/1/2011
  • Fix: TSR RIG DECRYPTED FIX (Pre-Pets Update)

Version - 3.45.PublicBeta
Updated 6/6/2012
  • Added: Additional Info About SIMS Using Door
  • Modified: New BaseCode Linking System
  • Add: Override/Clear BaseCode Links
  • Modified: Altered Mesh
  • Modified: Now Cuts Into Regular Wall
  • Modified: Now Supports Variations Door/Door & Ramp Only
  • Makes Use of HiddenStairs For Fake Ramp
  • Modified: Allows intersection with Modular Steps for Easy Placement
  • Fixed: Sims Exiting Interior Without Capsule, Allows Pop in Front
  • Fixed: Sims Exiting To Time Capusle, Walk to Doors First
  • Added: Build/Buy Mode Interactions
  • Added: Flagged as a Room Marker, Identifies Room as 'Console Room'

Version - 3.50.Development
Updated 1/1/2020
  • Added: Not Destroyed by Meteor
  • Added: Check Not In Inventory/Out of World

Known Bugs Section

6/1/2012 - Reworking Script - Merger To New System For New Beginings Release
12/31/2012 - Retired Mod

Latest Download Version

This mod has been retired, and no longer supported. Until such time as this changes, this mod is unavailable for download.