Sim Ganger Goo
Last Updated : July 01, 2012
Sim Ganger Goo
Sim Ganger Goo- Preview ImageTo prevent the death of Sims in harsh enviroments, scientists came up with 'programmable matter' called the flesh, that could be controlled by its SIM worker.
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Alien Genetics (Base Class)- Preview Image
Alien Genetics (Base Class)
An Alien has Genetics? What you thought they wouldn't? The Aliens of Doctor Who come in many different forms, Timelord, Auton, Mondassian...Dalek. And all that information needs to be kept somewhere.

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Feature Log Section
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Version - 3.50.Development
Updated 6/30/2012
  • Feature: Replicated Appearance, but very white skin color
  • Feature: Replica stores its original appearance
  • Feature: Can Become 'Stable'
  • Feature: Can Become 'UnStable'
  • Feature: Unstable Sims, Immediately Hate there Copy
  • Feature: Unstable Sims, May try to Kill there Copy
  • Feature: Unstable Sims, Can be Liquified
  • Feature: Liquified Sims Can be mopped up
  • Modified: Now Uses Advanced Genetics to Alter Skin Appearance
  • Modified: Now Uses Advanced Genetic Memmory to Alter Skin Appearance

Version - 3.60.Development
Updated 7/1/2012
  • Now Uses Alien Genetic Marker as Base Class

Known Bugs Section

7/1/2012 - Reworking Script - Merger To New System For New Beginings Release
12/31/2012 - Retired Mod

Latest Download Version

This mod has been retired, and no longer supported. Until such time as this changes, this mod is unavailable for download.