December 3, 2017

Small Little Status Update

I got a strange email from someone recently that knew I had purchased Sims 4, must have been something to do with Origin, not sure. They assumed based upon prior statements that I might be getting back to modding.

I'm not. Python and I are not exactly good pals. I have wanted to punch the screen more times than I can count because of an extra space, or bad indent, or other hidden thing that neither Visual Studio or Idle point out till after the fact. I am however experimenting with some small things, mostly to increase my knowledge of python. Modding is a great way to learn new things. I try and keep track of stuff I do, so you may see some stuff pop up on the site over the Holidays, but it doesn't mean I have changed my stance.

If and when I have information to share it will be posted here. For now there is nothing really to talk about.